13 Year Old's Perspective

For the past few decades, we have been focusing on many problems. Other environmental problems, government problems, social justice, society in general...

With COVID-19, it makes it hard to focus on the incoming future (and present) problem of the climate crisis. It is not ignored, though. There have been warnings about the climate crisis all over the news. It is hard to focus on something like climate change when there is a pandemic going on at the same time.

Though it may be hard, we cannot ignore the climate crisis. It is still a major threat today. It may seem like we are improving, and we are trying. We are still not there yet. Global emissions have increased by 1.7 percent in 2017, 2.8 percent in 2018, and even more in 2019. (Global Carbon Project) We are in trouble, and in big trouble.

According to usatoday.com, there are on average still 2.57 million pounds of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every second. We have already found an alternative way to stop this. We just need to make sure that this solution is at hand for the world.

The good news is that you can do something to help! Even if you don't care about being an activist or about the environment, these strategies are still beneficial in general. Click here to find those strategies.

While there are people and scientists who are aware of the climate crisis, there can also be a lot of misinformation about this, and all information is made sure to come from reliable sources. You can join by clicking the button below.